One of the reasons why pampas grass is so popular is because it requires very little maintenance once unpackaged. 

Once initially receiving your pampas, follow the care instructions below to ensure you get the most fluffy pampas possible!   

1. Take each stem out of the package carefully and slightly shake outside; this will allow any excess plume shedding to drop. Be careful not to shake too hard.

2. For a fuller, fluffier look a hairdryer can be used on a low speed. Avoid using a high heat as the plumes are delicate. If you’d prefer not to use a hairdryer, leave them in sunlight for 5 - 7 hours.

3. Once you’ve styled your pampas in your favourite vase, you can spray a light mist of hairspray over the plumes. This will keep them in place and  keep the shedding at bay.

4. Good news - your pampas does not need watering!

5. Every 6-12 months, we advise giving your pampas a careful shake outside to get rid of any dust accumulated. To maintain fullness you can give them another mist of hairspray.